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BOOK MARKETING TIPS: Did you know that over 1 million books were published in 2009? That’s up from about 300,000 in 2006.

Did you know that this huge jump in publishing is due to the skyrocketing growth in the print on demand sector?

About 1 MILLION authors want to know how to market a book, get publicity for thier book and be a successful author.

MARKET A BOOK TIPS: With these million mark figures in mind, Annie Jennings PR reveals the 18 ways you can sell books and that you can use to market – Annie calls this “The 18 Spokes In The Book Marketing Wheel” – a compilation of the 18 things you need to know to create your best chance of making a book sale, marketing your book and getting publicity. That’s right, it’s about how to SELL books.

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Book Promotion, Book Marketing Success By Annie Jennings PR

Find out from publicity and marketing expert, Annie Jennings PR, about the most powerful marketing strategy on earth. It’s called Tithe Marketing and it’s about giving where you can to help others find success.

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Powerful Marketing Strategy

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ANNIE JENNINGS PR is your publicity and author marketing expert.

Businesses Should Seek Competitive Edge In A Struggling Economic Environment

With the recession rolling along with almost no end in sight businesses are wondering how to secure new clients without spending a lot of money. Creating a competitive edge is the desired outcome and the question is, how can you do this?

According to National Media Strategist & Publicist Annie Jennings of the publicity firm, Annie Jennings PR, consultants and business professionals who run small businesses do not have to spend a lot of money to edge out their competitors. Then can create thought leader status and become a sought after expert in their field. This, coupled with a marketing outreach to new clients, creates a powerful marketing plan.

“Consultants and businesses just have to go the ‘extra mile’ to excel in their areas. They should be visible to their targeted business community and offer expanded value with guaranteed deliverables,” says Strategist, Annie Jennings. “No client wants to throw their money away on what might happen if they buy your product or service, they want clear deliverables that they can use to further their income, growth and ability to serve their clients”.

“They also want to do business with consultants and businesses that are CENTER STAGE,” adds Annie Jennings. “Clients like to do business with people they feel are vital, creative, strong, successful and engaged with plenty of energy to produce powerful outcomes for them.

Here are some guidelines to use in creating your competitive marketing advantage: Make a difference in the lives of your clients and teach them what they need to know to excel using your products and services. This way, your business becomes an investment for clients in that they expect to earn a return on their purchase with you. Also, by actively engaging in your client’s success, you fuel your creativity to build new products and services that truly meet the needs of your marketplace and avoid the products and services that lead to nowhere.

“Once you become invested in the success of your client you are motivated and inspired to create better, higher performance products and strategies to help your clients succeed,” says Media Expert, Annie Jennings of the National PR strategy firm, Annie Jennings PR. “Make it your business that your clients are successful and you will be too”.

Annie Jennings encourages consultants and business professionals to understand how their products and services fuel their client’s growth and income. Businesses should evaluate how their firm helps their clients be more competitive and prosperous. Be sure to offer products and services that lead to enhanced market share for your client.

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Annie Jennings PR Presents How To Go From Being A Good Author To Being A Great Author

Annie Jennings PR is a National Publicity Firm that specializes in booking authors and experts on radio, TV shows, print and the Internet. Annie Jennings PR also offers social media optimization in Facebook and Twitter.

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Hello again from Annie Jennings PR. Here is a story of a real client who loved her Instant Success. She came to our publicity firms with goals, dreams and ideas. We streamlined her path to the top, which we call our Ladder Strategy, and she got booked on her target media.

Listen while Lauren tells about her experience working with our top publicist, Sara.

REAL STORY: Instant Publicity Success, Lauren Tells Her PR Story

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Find out how our real life client enjoyed her radio campaign with us. Book author, Lynn Parker, shares her publicity story so you can hear all of the details from the author/expert herself.

REAL STORY: How The Annie Jennings PR Radio Campaign Changed Her Life

Want publicity, book marketing, personal branding and social media? Annie Jennings PR is a top public relations firm that specializes in booking the major media.

Expert In Message Development, Packaging & Media Placement For Experts, CEO’s, Corporations, Authors

Annie Jennings of the National PR firm, Annie Jennings PR is a National Publicist specializing in promoting authors and experts to the media. Annie’s vision and insight has revolutionized the publicity industry as many of the publicity techniques, tools and strategies in widespread use throughout the industry today have been developed by Annie Jennings PR. 

Annie freely shares her publicity strategies with authors and experts so everyone can have access to PR strategies, both the basics and advanced PR thought, so they can share their messages with millions for the betterment of all.

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